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Top Green Trading and Public Supply Company is a leading Egyptian shareholding company in trade, supply, general contracting and services with the experience of its cadre in import and export.

Top Green Trading and Public Supply Company has the most appropriate resources, systems and tools to deliver the best and highest quality services and our good reputation, quality and excellence of the services we provide are among the most important reasons for our success, excellence and leadership.

Top Green has endeavoured to study closely the reality of trade, contracting and utility services in Egypt and the Arab world, to develop the specific needs of the labour market and to focus on the development of action plans and strategies that address the various imbalances in the levels of service delivery, as well as the diverse and renewed needs of those seeking these services, regardless of their economic activities and investment objectives.

The Company’s business activities are concentrated in supply and contracting services, facilities management services, marketing and leasing services, real estate and technical studies and consulting and business support services.

The company customizes its services according to the needs of its customers in order to satisfy customers and reach the expected goals, and more!

Top Green seeks to be a leader with its big focus on innovation and commitment to providing pioneering, value-added services, leveraging the latest technology available. It continues to ensure that its comprehensive services match global levels in terms of innovation, technology and operational standards.

We at Top Green believe that excellence ensures the highest possible value of our customers’ investments, so we have tailored our services in a manner that meets the owners’ short- and long-term goals whatever type of project is being invested. Through our services, we always strive to enhance customer communication, strengthen the standard management structure and strengthen internal controls.

The launch of Top Green Trading and Public Supply Company was in 2018, when the idea emerged to establish this company according to a specific vision, looking to a broad horizon with significant goals and unrestricted high ambitions.

Top Green’s founders may wish to reach these goals across a range of steps and stages that achieve this vision.

At the end of 2019, Top Green was developed to become the highest ranking and best performing company in its sectors, including in general, leading and developing the investment, development and development system through modern and advanced organizations and institutions that work to innovate and observe the highest quality standards to achieve full customer satisfaction.

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