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Company policy

Top Green Public Trade and Supply Company (TGTOC) is a leading Egyptian joint-stock company in trade, supply, general contracting and services, with the experience of its employer, which extends in the area of import and export.

Quality and Excellence

Top Green Public Supply seeks to provide a high level of quality for all its services in accordance with overall quality standards.

Leadership and teamwork

The development and development of corporate human resources and teamwork are among the greatest concerns of the company and its board of directors, and the company is therefore firmly committed to promoting individual and institutional leadership roles that drive the growth of the company, with its deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and work.

Corporate Strategy

The Top Green Public Supply Company is keen to strengthen the relationship with its clients and to fully satisfy customers by providing post-sale services, believing that the client is a key partner in the success of the business system..


We have the courage to shoulder our responsibility for what we do at all levels. We set clear goals, we support and empower our staff and we urge them to take responsibility.

Justice and integrity

The company adheres to the principles of social justice and rewards opportunities and cultural diversity, and all employees of the company are committed to the highest standards of safety, respect and professional ethics.

Equal opportunities

In a working environment such as the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is important for all staff to know that they have the same opportunities to progress on the basis of performance.


Markets, business environments and risks are constantly changing, and we are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our services and to provide new ones that will give customers the best risk management tools.

Our Goal

Fully develop the working system in proportion to the global evolution in trade, import, export, construction and everything new in the era of globalization.

Our Values

The company’s management is striving to achieve accelerated growth by providing the required quality and all guarantees to comply with the established schedule.

Our Vision

Top Green Public Trading and Supply is a leading and reliable distributor of all factories in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa.